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When it comes to finding the ability to “Unlock” the brain, “Nootropics” are highly recommended. Nootropics have the following qualities that are essential to improve the quality of life as far as brain health is concerned.

  • Nootropics can boost cognitive function & improve memory & creativity. It also helps in improving focus.
  • Nootropics may improve memory & informative retention. The individuals who were given Nootropics projected a higher ability to retain newly introduced information.
  • Nootropic acts as an adaptogen & has the ability to regulate the body’s response to acute & chronic stress.
  • Nootropic may improve seizures & epilepsy symptoms.
  • Nootropic has anti – depressant & anti – anxiety properties.

Does Noocube Serve the Purpose of Nootropic?

Yes, Noocubes are made with natural nootropics. Hence, natural or herbal Nootropics that are derived from plants or plant-based compounds like alpha GPC, Bacopa – monnieri, L-theanine & L-Tyrosine are filled in Noocube capsules.

Ingredients in Noocube

  • Alpha GPC – Alpha GPC in Noocube in combination with other Nootropics is a powerful potentiator that can take cognitive enhancement to a new level. Alpha GPC is a potent memory-booster.
  • Bacopa – Monnieri – Bacopa is a popular herb in Ayurvedic medicine that has been used in India for over three centuries. The Bacopa herb is commonly known as a Nootropic herb, which means that it can help repair damaged neurons & improve brain function.
  • L-theanine – L-theanine’s effect on the brain can be visualized on an EEG. The body is relaxed, the mind is calmed, but no drowsiness occurs. This is exactly the type of relaxation prescribed by a sleep therapist, which is absolutely sorted out with Noocube that contains L-theanine.
  • L-tyrosine –L-tyrosine supplements like Noocube acts like adaptogens that help with performance during times of stress. Many people find that it helps significantly with fatigue from stress. L-tyrosine supplements are also used to increase working memory, which is responsible for the continuous updating & maintenance of memory.

How to Get Maximum Benefits of Noocube

  • Since the diet is one of the root causes of diseases like Alzheimer’s. This is an important point, considering eliminating wheat, refined carbs & sugar from your diet.
  • Exercises are good to rejuvenate your brain.
  • Light has positive effects on diseases like dementia & Alzheimer’s. Vitamin D is an important aspect derived from sensible sun exposure that takes care of your brain health.
  • Sleep is an essential factor that plays a significant role in brain health.  Your brain can only detoxify & clean itself out during deep sleep. Not only will late night tv watching prevent you from falling asleep quickly by shutting down the production of melatonin – a potent anti-oxidant & hormone that triggers the sleepiness-the type of programming you choose to watch also affects your brain health.
  • Besides exercise, sleep & sun exposure another zero cost day to day life strategy will surely benefit your brain health is improving your social interactions.

How Safe Noocube is

Noocubes are natural or herbal in capsule forms. They are suitable for everyday use over & extended period of time.