Black Wolf

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The purpose to introduce Black wolf hunter & huntress pre, Intra & post-workout formulas all in one pack is to avoid unnecessary mess up of capsules and powder supplement. Whether you require BCCAs, whey protein workout, creatine or other essential ingredients, stop the confusion, choose for Black wolf workout supplement. These “Black Wolf Supplement” complete packages for all three works out sessions give you the relaxation to choose the right one for the right session. Having consulted experienced sports nutritionists & formulators, we have created a series of optimally balanced blends designed to deliver maximum results with Black wolf supplement. They use 100% active ingredients dedicated to fueling your body with what it needs when it needs it. The base of each workout supplement is built on the unique Black wolf Power Blend, a scientifically researched combination of potent ingredients blended in the most optimized ratio possible. Let us know the importance of specially designed supplements for an individual session.

Role of Pre-Workout Supplement

  • Inhibition of fat gain
  • Increased fat burning
  • Increased insulin sensitivity
  • Decreased inflammation

Intra-exercise workout supplement

Exercising according to your ability, with a focus on increasing the amount of exercise you can handle. But if it comes to try a combination of aerobic activity and strength, training can cause fatigue and pain symptoms. “Black wolf supplement” increases your cellular energy synthesis, prevents you from muscle breakdown and muscle soreness. Black wolf workout is loaded with BCAAs that prevents you from mental fatigue also.

Role of Post-Workout Supplement

  • Keeps you energized instead of exhausted
  • You have no blues
  • Your legs do not feel heavy
  • You don’t get sick easily
  • You get sound sleep

Black Wolf Huntress Pack for Miss

To tone up your muscle, fitter body & enthusiastic mind we prepare TRAIL PACK for pre-workout, HUNT for Intra- workout & ELIMINATE for the post- workout. We know how the rapid hormonal changes occur in the female body, so this entire package has been prepared by keeping this in mind.

Black wolf Hunter Pack for Mr.  

Men want to get their body to grow faster & in shape. With a rigorous workout, they need something extra. We package the requirement to maximize your result. With Black wolf Workout, we believe “Train you toughest & get you Maximum”. We prepare TRACK for pre-workout; HUNT for Intra workout & ELIMINATE for post workout.

Food & Nutrition Fact for All

The food you eat has a major impact not only on your general health but also on the benefits you ultimately reap from your workouts. The ratio between proteins and carb is critically important, especially as you age. Many make the mistake of eating too many carbs in relation to protein and fat. Researchers show that high-carbohydrate diets fail to build muscle, even in younger people due to their detrimental effect on insulin. Again and again, it’s the high protein/high-fat/low-carbohydrate diet that proves the most effective for both muscle building and weight loss.