by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-08-15

President Donald Trump went to see his younger brother, Robert Trump at the hospital. The president went to the New York hospital, wearing a face mask where his younger brother is hospitalized.

Trump spent 45 minutes with this brother inside the hospital before going on a trip to a scheduled weekend at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey. Before his visit, Kayleigh McEnany who is White House press secretary had informed about it. She also stated that the president had a very good relationship with his brother, Robert Trump. The president also spoke fondly of his younger brother.

Robert Trump’s Health

The exact condition of Robert Trump’s health is unknown but he seems to be seriously ill. He has been suffering from health problems this year. The president sounded sober when he spoke to the reporters about his brother.

The president said that he had a wonderful brother who was in the hospital right now, having a tough time, but was also hopeful that he’ll get all right soon. He informed me that he had a great relationship with his brother since day one, which goes a long time back.

Robert Trump during the last campaign of his brother acknowledged that he supported Donald one thousand percent.

Family dispute: Recently, Robert Trump had been in news for his unsuccessful attempt to block the publication of the book, “Too much and Never Enough” by his niece, Mary L. Trump about their family.

Mary is the daughter of their eldest brother, Fred Trump Jr., who died at the age of 43 due to alcohol addiction in 1981. Other than these three brothers, there are two sisters in the Trump family, named Maryanne Trump Barry and Elizabeth Trump Grau.

The president had said that by publishing the book, Mary Trump was violating the agreement which she had signed in connection to the inheritance case and the financial settlement she received from the Trump family. After Fred Trump Sr., the president’s father’s death there was an inheritance fight among the siblings and the case was finally settled with the terms kept private.

Mary Trump said that as long as she was in the family, both the brothers hated each other and she was not aware, how their relationship was going now. She wished that Donald had visited her father also in the hospital as he visited Robert. She knew that Robert Trump’s health was not well for the last few months and hoped well for him.

Robert had said once that he was disappointed by the niece’s decision to disclose the family’s dirty laundry. According to him, he and the whole family were very proud of his brother. Robert Trump has mostly taken the side of Donald Trump in their family disputes, although he had his share of clashes with his brother.

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