Personal Hygiene and Your Looks

by Fitness Fectory | 2019-06-24

There are very small things we often tend to overlook for being petty or sometimes considering them less important in our daily life. That tendency can gradually become mother of many health problems in our life including our looks which we can’t immediately recognize on our own but only do so after an expert intervenes.

Personal hygiene is a term which covers very wide aspect of human life from kitchen to office. Commitment, I believe plays a great role in the life of everyone. In other words commitment is a form of discipline.

By committing ourselves to something or certain norms means we undertake to display a particular style to achieve a goal through our specific actions. It is greatly beneficial to everyone because achievement or accomplishment of an objective gives so much happiness and confidence.

It puts an individual’s esteem so high that he or she loves to immediately commit for next goals in their lives. A changed lifestyle based on your commitment boosts your confidence and becomes praiseworthy source of inspiration to others too.

Display of good quality traits also encourages others to follow you and unknowingly you become a hero or a role model to many.  Personal hygiene also invariably wants commitment to give you desired results.  Bathing, hair cleaning and trimming and regularly checking growth of nails are very common acts to make you hygienically fit.

A very simple fact is feeling of a winner is always highly exciting, encouraging and inspiring to every individual to boost one’s moral and encourage him or her to set new goals with a great zeal and enthusiasm.

To maintain a healthy and beautiful look also need a commitment, a commitment TO CHECK your diet, your lifestyle, your habits and your skin care routine and decide what to do and what not.  Accordingly make a schedule and stick to that.

Initially it may seem problematic but your commitment to do things in a right way would overcome whatever un-comfort arises out of an adopted change.

 A simple checklist may be as under:-

  • Do you smoke?
  • Do you drink?
  • Do you go to sleep very late in the night?
  • Do you wake up late in the morning?
  • Do you go for a morning walk in the fresh air and breathe hard?
  • Do you wear hygienically washed clothes each time you change?
  • Do you wash your hands before and after you eat something?
  • Do you prefer junk/fast food?
  • Do you sleep in the day time?
  • Do you drink enough water in the day?
  • Do you eat fruits daily?
  • Do you know about yoga and do it?
  • Do you skip any meal once in a while to give rest to your digestion system?
  • Do you take two baths a day or one or otherwise?


  • Try to avoid smoking. A person with strong willpower can quit smoking easily.
  • Drink for health, wealth and wisdom is ok but too many drinks on daily basis can’t give you any such benefits.
  • A person for the sake of good health and radiant looks must take good sound sleep of at least eight hours at a stretch. The air quality is best in the morning.  So don’t awake late, get up early and go for a morning walk.
  • Wear properly washed clothing each time you change.
  • Washing hands and face can be made an important aspect of your behavior to keep dust, pollution and germs at bay.
  • Avoid junk or fast food willfully each time you are offered. Prefer healthy food only.
  • Day time sleep is permissible only to patients or old age persons. Healthy person may take short naps or some rest only after having lunch.
  • Take enough water but not immediately after your meal. There should at least be a gap of half an hour or more to drink water after each your meal.
  • Eat fresh fruits unconditionally.
  • After rising early in the morning do yoga without fail.
  • Plan skipping your DINNER once in a week to give rest to your digestion system.
  • Football legend Pele once said if you want to live a long and healthy life then run. If you can’t then must walk some distances daily.
  • Bathing, exfoliation, scrubbing and thorough cleaning of your skin and hair even with water only can give you a radiant look to impress others without a make-up.

Many people are of the view that make-up is just to cover up your imperfections? I don’t know how many firmly hold this view but I can contradict it.

Today there are several ways and on top is plastic surgery to permanently remove imperfections. Then why you will waste your time on daily basis to do that. There may be some exceptions but normally make-up is to put your beauty on brighter side or is to enhance it instead of any other myth connected to that.

Women can’t live without make-up is another myth? A well cleaned tidy look may be the prime reason to attract gazes. A point I want to make here is even if there is no external help to enhance your looks the best way to improve your appearance is clean your body thoroughly to give it a natural and tidy look.

Why we freshen up after a bath only because each our muscle gets relaxed and soothed.  Best way is to scrub gently your whole body.  Pay a little more attention to odorous areas.

Just for the sake of ‘experience-it-yourself’ immerse yourself in the bath tub completely and leave your body weight to its gravity, put no effort to control your movements and feel how relaxing it is.  After you are done with your bathing you will feel an urge to eat something and lie down to further relax? If you are able to do so also check an urge of good sleep wants to overpower you.

In simpler terms bathing is not only an act of cleaning your body but it also acquires dimension of light exercise if taken as mentioned above. Completely relaxed mind and body pays great dividends to enhance your looks.

Oily skin however needs little more care in summers. For that you may keep a tissue paper ready with you to wipe off the shining thick sweat on your face. If possible always find an opportunity to wash it gently not squeakily.

Oily skin is prone to catch dust, pollution and germs which may clog your pores, allowing acne to pop up and take over your looks to tarnish your face. Exfoliation is another very important act to project clean and shinning appearance of your skin.

It should also be done on regular basis. Skin tan is a point for some to remove. You can find some handy remedies for that take half small spoon of gram flour to add it to same full spoon of yogurt. Mix it properly and apply it on your face, leave it to dry for ten to twenty minutes, stay inside only and after that wash it off, wipe the water with a soft towel and just check the change.

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