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“Try not to let the scale characterize you. Be dynamic, Be Healthy, Be upbeat”

Regardless of the amount you earn, it will be squandered if you don’t have the foggiest idea of how to be fit and solid. There is a very well maxim that first joy is the healthy body, which implies wellness is the top need of your life as though you are fit then and then no one but you can accomplish the rest of the things like employment, getting advancement, satisfies your family, etc.


Amid coronavirus, we have to play it safe to remain protected; to be a standout amongst others, one has to be in-home and disconnect, which is a necessity now. For that, it doesn’t mean we ought to do bargain with our wellbeing.

We can still make our self-fit by directly investing only 5-7 minutes of your day and follow this mid-density exercise routine. Mid-intensity stands for medium intensity workout.  Regardless of you are an apprentice, body-siphon fellow, or thin toss, anybody can follow these activities, get oneself advancement in the method for getting fit.

“So what are we waiting for? Christmas?

Before we began our exercise, have some warm water, so you become crisp enough to start this mid-extreme exercise meeting. You can include lemon and nectar in your warm water. This will expand the digestion of your body.

Individuals experiencing diabetes or low resistance issues and drink fenugreek water additionally rather than warm or lemon – nectar water this fenugreek water will expand your insusceptibility and encourages you to keep from sickness (like COVID19).

Before you begin your exercise, stretch your body for a few moments. Do front and back arm circle (20-redundancy each for 20 seconds), elbow circles (20-reiteration each for 20 seconds), back expansion stretch (for 10 seconds), and side point stretch (for 10 seconds). This stretching exercise will be a warm-up for your body, and it’ll open up the muscles and your body for training.

Initiate the workout by doing the first exercise of our workout that is-JUMPING JACK for 30 seconds

  • Stand straight with your legs together, arms at your sides.
  • Bend your knees slightly, and jump.
  • While doing the jump, keep your legs to the shoulder-width. Keep your arms over your head.
  • Jump back to the initial or starting position.
  • Repeat. The whole process next for 30 seconds

Next, do CROSSOVER RUNNING PLANK for 30 seconds


Running planks, in general, consider as an effective cardio workout, and you’ll gain a higher amount of benefits by moving your legs as quickly as possible. Running planks target your abs but also work your hip and thigh muscles

For doing crossover running plank, take push up position, and place cushions on each foot (not necessary). Slide one foot up, so the knee goes toward the chest. Interchange feet so when the one foot goes ahead, the other feet go backward as in the running. Do this for the next 30 seconds.


Fitness Fectory Tip: to make the running plank all the more a quality preparing exercise, do make slow movement while doing crossover running planks. Push your back leg ahead gradually; at that point, stop for around two seconds after your knee progresses beyond what many would consider possible. Rehash with the other leg. Perform six to seven reps with every leg.

Now, perform SUMO-SQUATS (without dumbbell) for 30 seconds


The sumo squat is an incredible lower-body quality exercise that emphasises the muscles of the inner thigh area, quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, and calves.

For sumo squads follow the below mention steps to make it more effective.

  • Stand with your feet apart like hip-width and turn your feet out, externally rotating your hips
  • With your hands caught together in front of your chest, push your hips back and squat down, keep your back straight and upper body lifted

Fitness Fectory Tip: never look down! When you look down your back rounds, quite simple, I know.

Next exercise is PLANK-PUSHUP for 30 seconds


This activity will add progress in your waist, reducing practice. For doing plank pus-up, be in a push position first then, at that point, put your right hand down in a plank position followed by the left hand and afterward return push-up position by merely replaying the procedure do this entire procedure for 30 seconds.


Here comes your next – SQUAT JUMPING for 30 seconds

Squad jumping is the blend of 2 best exercises for both belly and legs. This blends viably help to make you fit during this lockdown period.

To perform it well follow the succession referenced beneath-

  • Stand on your feet hip-distance apart and take squat position by bending the knees. the spine is straight, chest lifted, and knees behind the toes. Keep arms in front of the chest for balance
  • Jump straight up and swing arms overhead. Return to squat
  • Do this for the next 30 seconds

Kick your leg fat by doing KICK-LUNGES for 30 seconds


Lunges help in strengthening your lower body, buttocks, and tissues and, most importantly, aids in sustaining your body balance and coordination. To make lunges be a powerful exercise, we add a small variation, and that is performing kick along with lunges.

Steps for kick – lunges:

  • Stage 1: Be in a standing position, afterward step back with the right foot to perform a reverse lunge, keeping the left foot in motion
  • Step 2: rather than merely coming back to the standing position, push with your left leg, and kick your right foot to the front
  • Step 3: after you kick, play out another reverse lunge without stopping to begin the next rep
  • Do this for the next 30 seconds

Next is SIDE ANGLE STRETCH- ROTATION for 30 seconds

 Make your body inside angle yoga up position first. Now move your whole body right side for 1 second by reaming in the same position. Presently do this with the left side too for1 second. Repeat this procedure for the next 30 seconds. This activity will strengthen your quadriceps and bring awareness to the side body.

Next one is – PLANK JUMPING for 30 seconds


Plank-jump is the mix of cardio and & core strengthening exercise; this will help you with toning up both upper and lower muscles of your body. This activity is particularly potent for the individuals who are experiencing or having the issue of back pain as it strengthens the back muscles of your body too.


Perform plank jumps by keeping your shoulder over or above your hands in a straight line. Then jump on your feet, bring your knees under your chest, and plan to land your feet under your hips. Stop here for a second and jump your feet up and straighten your legs behind you to come back in the starting, plank position.

Fitness Fectory Tip: plank position can put stress on your wrists. Plank position should be avoided if you are suffering from a wrist injury or wrist pain. Instead of using the wrist, you may perform them by on forearms alternatively.

Next is, LYING DOWN BICYCLE for 30 seconds.

Cycling is the best exercise for keeping up weight or body but what to do when you cannot go outside and ride your bicycle, like now. At that point, setting down cycling or bicycle maneuver helps you.

To perform the bicycle maneuver, start by lying down on your back with your hands behind your head. Lift your legs and lean your knees, to make a 90-degree angle, so start rotating or moving your legs in a way like riding a bike.

Lying down a bicycle helps to shed your belly fat by putting pressure on your tummy through legs.

Fitness Fectory Tip: for females suffering from that time of their month should avoid this at least till 3rd day.

Now jump to HALF CRUNCHES for 30 seconds


The most effective exercise to get rid of belly fat is crunches. Crunches rank top when we discuss fat-burning workouts.

For performing crunches, follow the below-referenced steps:

  • Lie down on your back and place your feet on the floor. Bend your knees and place your arms across your chest. Stretch your abs and breathe in
  • Exhale and lift your chest area, keeping your head and neck relaxed
  • Inhale and come back to the starting position

Fitness Factory Tips: Don’t pull your head forward, make your torso (the central part of the body like arm and legs) do the work of rotation. If you find yourself getting stressed while doing crunches with your head and neck to get your elbow to contact your knee, instead, just rotate as far as you can with your torso.

If you become good at this or you become a pro in performing half crunches, you may change this activity into full crunches.

LEG RAISE for 30 seconds


And here is the last exercise of the mid-intensity workout, which is leg raise. Leg raise is one of the popular activities in losing belly fat and maintaining your fitness.

For performing leg raise, lie on your back on the floor with legs stretched straight. Afterward, raise both of your legs high as you can or if nothing else at a 90-degree angle by keeping both legs straight throughout. Return them to the floor, and repeat this procedure for 30 seconds.


Adding leg raise to your exercise routine enhances the quality and improves the adaptability of your body.

Fitness Fectory Tip: to make leg raise practice progressively viable or effective, inhale correctly. i.e., breathe in a while, raising your legs, and breathe out while coming back to the floor. This breathing example improves the intensity of leg raise exercise.


This mid-intensity quality exercise routine causes you to be fit and sound while you are at home, but it doesn’t mean that you can eat anything anytime. You should have some control over your eating regimen or diet, as your calorie consumption must be either lower or equivalent to your calorie-burning level; if not, you won’t get the desired outcome. So by eating healthy and in a limited amount and following this straightforward mid-intensity quality home exercise, you can keep your physique maintained and remain healthy and fit in this quarantine period.

What’s more, your main goal is to reduce or manage your weight so that you can use to consume Detox tea from Fitness Fectory. The products from our website will help to improve the weight loss program and provide you with all kinds of required antioxidants. Towards the end, be in your, remain safe, remain fit, and have an extraordinary isolate.

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