by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-08-14

New products and treatments to combat COVID-19 surface each day as Scientists and researchers worldwide strive to curb Coronavirus effectively. One such research reveals that Medical Signalling Cells (MSC) could prove to be an efficient and agile treatment in this direction.

What are Medical Signalling Cells?

Medical Signalling Cells, formerly known as Mesenchymal Stem Cells, were discovered in 1991 by Arnold Caplan and his companions at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio.

MSCs are cells found in human and mammal bone marrow and have rejuvenating properties impacting regions of injury and diseases. The cells travel through the blood vessels to injury sites and can repair damage faster than other chemical drugs.

MScs can go as far as to modify the immune system to alleviate any adverse consequences arising from invasion of the body by antigens.

Research and Surveys in the Field of MSC

The study of MSCs as sharp defenders against COVID-19 began at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York. The doctors on injecting COVID-19 patients with Medical Signalling Cells found that the cells could regulate the ‘hyperactive’ immune systems and, in some cases, repair Lung damage within 48 hours of injection.

The system’s invasion by the COVID-19 virus instantly charges the immune system to fight against the antigens. The clash between the agitated immune system and the antigens, known as “Cytokine Storm” can damage the fragile Lung tissues.

If not repaired timely, these damaged areas can give Coronavirus access to the entire bloodstream, thus corrupting the body.

MSCs play a crucial role in relaxing the agitated system while simultaneously mending the Lung tissues.

Promising Findings of the Research

In association with Mesoblast Limited, a supplier of MSCs, Mount Sinai Hospital acquired approval from the Food and Drug Administration to expand its testing earlier in May.

The ‘National Institute of Health’ sponsored this testing conducted on 300 random patients. The results of this trial are yet to be inferred and published. However, former subjects admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital exhibited a recovery rate of approximately 83%.

The common masses are presently unaware of the developments regarding the manipulation of Medical Signalling Cells to suit the Coronavirus scenario.

Another limitation in the practical application of MSC Treatment seems to be the age of the patient. The number of MSCs deplete in amount with age. This depletion can lead to inconveniences in the treatment of the elderly.

Much is being expected of the survey and MSC as a mode of treatment. A well-formulated MSC Treatment will deliver relief to numerous victims of the COVID-19 virus.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Tuned.

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