by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-08-02

The novel pandemic is worsening the condition in such a way that today globally no area is left which is not affected by the virus which can be seen from the daily rise in the cases. The situation applies to tribal areas too. Talking about the U.S, this country stands as the worst-hit country with the total virus tally of 4,764,588 cases amongst which Georgia stands with 175,000 total cases at present.

On 31st July 2020, Georgia Health Officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report which stated about a large outbreak of the virus that occurred in YMCA camp at Lake Burton in Rabun County, near the state’s northern border with North Carolina had occupancy of nearly 600 people of different age groups and these people booked 31 cabins.

This led the health investigators to research what circumstances led to this widespread and disturbed the entire camp plan. The utmost reason when studied came out to be the fault of the campers who did not follow the precautionary measures like they didn’t wear face masks and kept improper ventilation in the buildings irrespective that the officials of the camp obeyed disinfecting rules mentioned under the Georgia Executive Order and announced by the governor Brian Kemp. Besides this, the health investigators also explained about the incidence regarding the outbreak as per their available resources.

On 22 June, a teenager staff showed the symptoms of chills in the evening and ultimately left the camp the following days as on that day he was tested whose result revealed that he was diagnosed COVID positive. After a few days, another staff got diagnosed with COVID positive. This made the scenario serious and eventually after two days of this news the camp officials without thinking much sent all the campers back to their home and by 27 June the camp got closed. Then, the people were told to go for the test whose result came out to be shocking as about three- quarter (260 people out of 344 people) of the occupancy got diagnosed COVID positive. Overall, 136 kids’ symptoms were reported of which 100 recorded their symptoms like fever, headache, and sore throat. Further, studies concluded that younger kids and kids who stayed in the camp for a long time became more victims of the disease than the older ones.

Talking about the background of campers, the campers included children ranging from 6 to 19 years, staff who were mainly teenagers and adults. In one cabin approximately 16 to 26 kids were made to stay which was termed as ‘‘relatively large’’ group and was predicted as one of the causes for widespread of the infectious virus.


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