by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-08-21

Major League Basketball declared suspension of the annual Subway Series on 20th August 2020 after two cases of COVID-19 were reported in the Mets Team.

Subway series is an annual Basketball League played between two New York bases teams- the Yankees and the Mets.

The match between the Mets and the Yankees was scheduled to be the opener of the Subway Series.

The Miami Finale And The Citi Field Opener Match Stand Suspended

After one team member and a coach of the Mets Team tested positive for the COVID-19 Virus, Major League Baseball postponed the Subway Opener scheduled on Friday night at Citi Field.

Besides the Yankee-Mets match, the Mets-Marlins match in Miami scheduled for Thursday night stands suspended as a precautionary measure against further transmission and to expand the testing.

The Mets team has reported two positive Coronavirus cases but has restrained from unveiling the name of the two infected members. The Mets team has announced that they will leave for New York on the night of 21st August and commit to following the health and safety protocols.

The two members who tested positive for Coronavirus shall stay back in Miami, along with the team and staff members in immediate contact with them for further tests and proper diagnosis.

The team arrived at this decision to comply with the health guidelines issued by the Healthcare Advisories and State Policies.


Other Teams Diagnosed With COVID-19 Since The Onset Of The Pandemic

Besides the Mets, three other teams have reported a substantial number of Coronavirus cases since July. The Miami Marlins recorded 20 cases; the Cardinals registered 18 positive cases, and the Cincinnati Reds registered one positive case.

The Mets have an upcoming match with the Yankees in the Bronx scheduled for the following weekend. Authorities devise a way to make up for the postponed tournament during this match while conforming to the health guidelines.

The tournament’s suspension comes as a blow upon the fans who were already estranged from visiting the ballpark this season due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Mets Huddles Support From Other Rival Teams

 Other team Captains urge people to refrain from hailing accusations at the contaminated players and instead, assisting them through the diagnostic cycle.

John Mozeliak, Captain of St.Louis Cardinal, rightly explains that what is essential at this point is to identify the chain of transmission to curb a massive outbreak. The sooner the chain of transmission is recognised, the easier it will be to execute symptomatic relief and provide treatment to the COVID-19 patients.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Tuned.


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