How Much the “Natural” is Natural?

by Fitness Fectory | 2019-06-24

I think the most misleading word today on beauty arena is ‘Natural’!  We know there is no comparison of nature in terms of giving us everything healthy for our purely best mental and physical state.

The meaning of natural and its depth is so wide, huge and deep that none of us just bothers to deeply probe the existential being of anything if that really had anything to do with the nature or the word natural had been prefixed or suffixed with it without assessing the weight it deserves.

Natural is undisputedly the best.  But in the run to earn more and more profit the commercialized consumer products are being made eye catcher and sense effective to sell.

The trust we put on a beauty product of our need should come from within after a simple but due examination of every minor thing attached to it.

There are very good brand names out there in the market which are well established but our own critical examination of every product we choose to buy is necessary as the user must for all reasons be more than satisfactorily satisfied about the results of that product without any bias.

It’s a very simple tip to everyone to reflect the qualities of a potential, conscious buyer to the sales and marketing companies that to obtain customer trust an honest projection of a product in its true sense only can give them a reliable market for a long and mere words exaggerating the quality and benefits of a product without any solid iota of truthfulness can’t stand the test of long-term relationship.

Therefore self and independent assessment is must before you finally decide to buy a beauty product as a remedy or help to enhance or retain your appearance.

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The term natural remains no more natural if any kind of chemical treatment is a part of process to make that product.

It is an open fact that natural process to prepare something is usually always longer or more time consuming than the chemical process. Seeing the huge demand of beauty products in the market, I think that the demand can’t be met without a chemical process to prepare a beauty product.  A very simple example is fruits are natural product.

Fruits have numerous qualities to benefit our health.  But fruits are also chemically processed to make them ready to eat by applying many different chemicals.  So, even something which is natural by birth no longer remains so and poses very tough question about it being natural or otherwise to a conscious buyer?

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Sometimes the beauty products boasting of natural ingredients may not be as natural in their making as we presume about them based on claims made by the marketing agencies. But we should focus on how much care has been taken during the process of its making to allow it to retain its maximum natural qualities to form an opinion of our own and a decision to buy that product.

We are living in an era of technology where digitized machines are closely associated to make our lives better. Our life and technology have become integral to each other.

Man today just can’t disassociate himself from the assistance technology is extending to him in his day-to-day life. Rather now it seems unimaginable to exist and survive without the technological help to ourselves.

Therefore whenever a claim is made about something to be natural, I think we should not draw an inference about it being as pure as the nature itself is but we should check the company’s claims in the context of extent of care the company has taken while making a beauty product that it is capable to retain its maximum natural qualities.

Beauty products with comprehensive organic ingredients must always be preferred over those with less or no percentage of organic ingredients for natural best results.

As we all know beauty is an attraction of looks, a small little carelessness while taking a beauty treatment or any beauty enhancing remedy may become a reason for a disaster.

An utter care should be taken before finalizing a beauty product for you. There are so many brands in the market but your consent to buy something must only come from within after a conscious analysis of available facts about that product.

We at Fitness Fectory try to find some of the best beauty products in the capacity of a third party beauty enhancing platform and can assure our commitment in accumulating a great collection of trustworthy beauty products made with utter care to give maximum result to the potential buyers to establish a lasting relationship.

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There are times when we want to skip a routine treatment undertaken to enhance our looks for no substantial reasons or at times we find something unavailable or exhausted in the wardrobe when we need it immediately, so what to do when we suddenly face such a situation.

I think one should not lose heart.  Suppose you need to clean your face and you note you are short of appropriate beauty product for that purpose then switch to open the door of your refrigerator and find an orange or a lemon and some curd.  Peel the orange take bigger part of its outer layer and gently rub its outer fine skin on your entire face in a circular motion.

Ensure rubbing it everywhere on your face continually, slowly it will start turning sticky then you stop it and leave it for a few minutes and then wash it.  You would find a glowing face with fresh pleasant orange fragrance. You can also use a few drops of lemon mixed in a spoon of curd to make a paste of it and gently apply on your face then leave it for a few minutes and wash it off to see a refreshing and glowing face.

This kind of beauty treatment though absolutely natural but little more complex needs more time to complete a schedule while a reliable ready-made beauty product saves your time, has no complexities and makes the things easier for you.

Hence when we see the word natural prefixed or suffixed with the name of a beauty product we must check its ingredients and the process of its making as to how much closely associate the beauty product remained with nature and natural ways during its making.

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