Here Is The List Of New Health And Fitness Gadgets In 2020

by Fitness Fectory | 2020-06-24

In recent days, health and fitness gadgets are quite unignorable. Even, one shouldn’t ignore these gadgets as it helps to monitor their fitness progress. Always remember to track you while running on a fitness journey to reach your fitness goals faster. We all should thank technology and the companies who are exceptionally using the technologies.

Here we have gathered a list of new health and fitness gadgets witnessed by the Annual Consumer Electronics Show (ACES) in Los Angeles last month. This show has been regarded as the world innovation stage.

Smart Toothbrush

Shocked? But fortunately, we will be able to buy smart toothbrushes in the shops in the nearest future. A smart toothbrush will help you to correct your wrong actions you might be doing while brushing. In simple words, this technology will help you to track your brushing behavior that would save your teeth too. Hopefully, we will be able to purchase the smart toothbrush from the markets by the next year.

Fitness Bands

Undoubtedly, fitness bands are not new. Nevertheless, makers are always believed in innovating and that is what they are always tried to bring. Many of us think that smartwatches and fitness bands are the same but it is not. Fitness bands are here to offer exceptional services like heart rate monitoring, sleep stats, oxygen saturations, footstep counts, and many more. While smartwatches are mainly created to offer services like getting email alerts, receiving and sending texts, answering calls, etc. Activity and GPS tracking are some of the beneficial features you can have in the fitness bands.

Connected Running Consoles

If you like running then this innovation is made for you only. This technology innovation is specifically created to help runners. A gadget that involves insoles with sensors to capture the data while a person is running. The captured data will be sent to your app installed in your android or IOS. The data would help understand your running cycle by giving a detailed analysis. A NURVV insole manufacturer contains 32 sensors in it working at an outstanding rate of 1,000 times per second. This gadget would help to save your body from pains and injuries.

Smart Scales

You can consider this a body calculator. This fitness gadget comes with a sensor placed exactly under your feet. A scale that would remind you to keep your weight stable if it’s ok according to your height. Smart scales calculate your body fat and BMI. It is essential to have to keep yourself updated that you are not gaining muscles not, fat if gaining, and losing fat not muscles if losing. So, it doesn’t matter whether you would like to gain your weight or lose; you need this smart scale. It is connectable with phones, so it’s handy when it comes to tracking.

Smart Swimming Goggles

A perfect fitness gadget for swimming lovers. Smart goggles are already available in the market, but innovations will keep going on. A manufacturer Vuzix has been awarded at CFS Innovation Awards for its smart swimming goggles. It includes a mini heads-up display viewable on the lenses allowing you to watch the real-time workout details while swimming.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

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