Here Is Everything You Need To Know How Fitness Industry Is Working To Rebound From Covid-19

by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-06-25

Like many big industries such as airlines, oil, and tourism, a fitness industry has also witnessed a big fall during this uncertain situation. Here is how the fitness industry is working to rebound from COVID-19.

Undoubtedly, the fitness industry is suffering from a heavy downfall since this pandemic has begun. While companies and manufactures supplying fitness equipment are struggling to meet the skyrocketing demand as people have started exercising at homes. The fitness industry is falling but many health clubs have decided to take advantage of this tough situation created by Covid-19. They all have found a creative way to stay tuned with people.

The brands of the fitness industry have proven that what this industry can deliver in an online format. Even they have been providing their services online but the closures of gyms and health clubs due to pandemic has increased the level of delivering the highly qualified content.

The digital push created by the fitness industry has also recovered the financial loss witnessed by gym owners and personal trainers. The gym has started giving virtual classes, live streams, and personal training sessions via zoom and many other meeting platforms. Unbelievable subscriber growth has been experienced by many fitness companies; Beachbody, the fitness company individually has reported a 200% growth in subscribers.

Here Are Some Brands Those Are Helping Their Customers To Get Active During This Pandemic


The brand Equinox that also owns PureYoga, Soulcycle, and Precision Run has developed a new fitness app called Variis. The app is created to fulfill user needs. They launch a workout class on every Sunday through an IGTV on their official page of Variis.

Lifetime Fitness

This famous American gym, “Lifetime Fitness” is always been a helpful fitness resource for people. Though they haven’t created any official app their social media is consistently filled up with home-friendly intensive workouts. Healthy diet tips and recipes to keep their followers updated and motivated.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym has created an amazing library of free workouts on their website. People who are facing financial issues and are missing their trainers then their free workout library is worth it.

Fitness lovers might be missing their gym’s intensive workout, weight lifting, and jogging in the parks. But our safety is also important as the exercises are. The wait is yet to over.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.


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