by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-07-26

25th July 2020, Hawaii Department of Health reported as third consecutive day to show a spike inactive cases, exceeding the tally of Friday (60 cases). The 73 active cases include 68 cases from Oahu and 5 cases from Maui bringing the total cases since the beginning of pandemic to 1,620.

According to State Health Director, Bruce Anderson the primary reason for the sudden increase in cases could be relaxation in following the precautionary measures like obeying social distancing and face-covering with more emphasis on Oahu as it reports more cases than Maui. Secondly, informed that more cases are likely to occur among young and middle-aged adults who have attended social gatherings, parties, or did socialize in bars. 

The State Epidemiologist, Sarah Park reported that multiple COVID-cases clusters have happened on 4th July due to unfollowing of safe practices in social gatherings as reported by Bruce Anderson too as one of the reasons for the spike in cases. Also, she said that the curve on the graph is increasing as a result of positivism in the county, Honolulu irrespective that the percentage of positive cases in the state is in a stable position.

Besides this, State Officials informed that with the approaching Tropical Cyclone Douglas they are in process of keeping a track on 625 people across statewide who are currently in isolation or quarantine with one of the reasons as exposure to someone who was tested COVID positive. Further predicts that by the end of the day the number of cases could rise. Also, due to the emergence of cyclone the DOH State Laboratories Division told that the laboratory testing would be resumed on Monday or Tuesday.

The county, Honolulu plans to release 25 shelters to people seeking refuge from the cyclone. In response to this, the county’s Mayor Kirk Caldwell signed an emergency proclamation that ordered the people to increase their gathering capacity to more than 50 people as many might need to evacuate to cyclone emergency shelter.

Talking about the statistical data related to cases Statewide as released by State Officials except for the hospitalizations data which was released by Health Officials is as follows: –

  • TOTAL COUNT – Oahu: 1291cases, Maui: 146 cases, Hawaii Island: 117 cases (Now increased to 427 infections), Kauai County: 43 cases, and 23 Hawaii residents diagnosed outside the state.
  • ACTIVE INFECTIONS- 9 cases in Hawaii and 1 in Kauai.
  • DEATHS TALLY– 26 COVID- related deaths have occurred since the outbreak.
  • HOSPITALISATIONS– 161 hospitalizations with 5 new ones were reported on Saturday. Out of 161, 2 hospitalizations were of Hawaii residents who were diagnosed outside the state. Among the remainder, 159 hospitalizations included 128 in Oahu, 26 in Maui, 4 in Hawaii, and 1 in Kauai.
  • CURRENTLY HOSPITALISED 36 in Oahu and 3 in Hawaii making a total of 39.
  • COUNT OF PATIENTS RELEASED FROM ISOLATION 892 in Honolulu and 124 in Maui.


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