by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-07-15

The novel pandemic COVID-19 has surpassed Florida by showing a hike in deaths count thereby increasing the total COVID-19 cases.

14th July 2020 (Tuesday) marks the day for Floridians when a lot of events and drastic changes took place

  • The Florida Department of Health (DOH) reported 9,194 new COVID-19 positive cases bringing the overall state’s count to 291,629 since the infection was first detected in the month of March. It was the day when 130 new death cases got recorded bringing the total tally of deaths to 4,409 as informed by the Public Health officials. The officials further expect that by the end of this week the total cases might go beyond 3,00,000.
  • The region which got badly affected in the entire state is Central Florida which reported 24 deaths on Tuesday bringing an abrupt rise in tally to 455. Elderly patients were the ones who got affected more out of Central Florida’s population.
  • The reason for Central Florida to get badly affected points to resuming their plans which include reopening schools, Walt Disney, Athletic work, and work of teammates from MLS and NBA.
  • Thus, after observing an increase in deaths the government got cautioned and increased the testing capacity especially that of athletic teammates by doing their tests multiple times a week so that if anyone gets a positive test, he or she would be tested again until he or she she gets a negative result. All this led to jump in the positivity of cases from 11% to 15% despite the announcement of the precautionary measures made by their governor Ron DeSantis on Monday to avoid going to crowded areas, obey social distancing and wear face masks.
  • According to Orlando Health, several laboratories like WOFL-Fox 35 undergoing COVID-19 diagnostic tests created errors by not sharing the number of negative cases which has landed the state in trouble. This forced the state officials to take action by acknowledging the issue but they failed to acquire complete information like how many labs were not reporting the tally of negative cases.
  • After going through this incident, the Department of Health has started working with all those laboratories which were creating discrepancies in releasing the correct data and educating the staff working about how to report the COVID-19 results.

Other than the details related to COVID-19, the Public Health officials informed about 8,190 patients suffering from respiratory illness and are currently hospitalized for the treatment. They also told about 8,881 patients who have been discharged from the hospital.

The latest news about Florida reveals that in future the infection rate can shoot up which would further worsen the condition of the hospitals and if proper measures are not taken then ultimately the state would land up in more death counts.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Tuned.



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