by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-08-22

Danbury residents are requested to stay at homes again due to a ‘serious outbreak’ of coronavirus in recent weeks. Read on to know the complete details.


The state health officials of Danbury are requesting citizens to stay at homes as much as possible. They are asking to limit their regular activities due to a ‘serious outbreak’ of coronavirus cases over the past two weeks. On Friday, the health officials issued a “COVID-19” alert after seeing a continuous increment in the last two weeks.

The health officials revealed the reason for the outbreak by claiming that cases are increases because of the recent domestic and international travel. The city has recorded around 178 new COVID-19 cases in two weeks, from 2 August to 20 August.

Between August 12 to August 20, the city has tested more than 1,189 people for COVID-19. And according to the latest numbers of State Department Of Public Health, Danbury has had 147 total new Coronavirus cases.


The DPH commissioner, Diedre S. Gifford shared a statement, “We really need to take care of the things, this is a serious outbreak. I want everyone to take all the required precautions. Our partnership with municipal and health department leadership in Danbury, as well as health care providers who are making testing sites available for people. We request all of them to get tested if you feel you have been exposed, also don’t go outside until your results are known and at least stay home for 10 days if you have tested positive.”

He continued, “In addition to this, we want you to answer your phone if a contact traces tries to get in touch. Especially, if you are over the age of 60, we request you to stay at home. Moreover, we request you to make sure if anyone who has symptoms is staying at home and not coming to work. We all are together in a difficult time and also can limit the spread of the virus.”

Moreover, the municipal and local health officials of Danbury is communicating with community centers and churches to take extra precautions immediately. Those precaution includes staying home when possible and limiting outings, wearing masks every time you are going out, limiting indoor gatherings, and not attending large outdoor gatherings.”

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Tuned.

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