by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-07-27

The outbreak of coronavirus has worsened the condition globally. Texas, a state in the US is currently regarded as the nation’s hotspot amid a surge in cases. The coronavirus has devasted the health of one of the families residing in Houston which consist of the following members:

  • ELAINE ROBERT (35), younger daughter of Mr. Robert who works as a bagger in supermarket Randalls was diagnosed with autism in childhood. She informed that besides being very cautious and following the precautionary measures like wearing a cloth mask, gloves, and not using public transport she fell sick thinking that it’s because of some allergic reaction. But she later showed symptoms like cough, fever, headaches, loss of smell and taste, and diarrhea and was eventually diagnosed COVID positive in the month of mid- June. Hopefully, she did not fell seriously ill rather increased the chance of risk for her parents. Her elder sister, Sidra Roman (38) who works as an oil industry engineer blamed the customers who did not follow the safe practices while coming to the store as a cause or her sister who fell sick on which Ellaine too agreed.
  • PAUL ROBERT (67), husband of Mrs. Robert worked as a musician, carpenter, and computer programmer. On June 22, his health alarmed everyone as his oxygen level went low and as a consequence, he was rushed to the emergency care center of Houston Methodist Hospital. A few days later, his condition became critical and he was put on a ventilator. He was already suffering from health issues like breathing problems, failure of kidneys, chronic lung disease, and blocked coronary artery and with the infection of the virus, the emergence of new health issues didn’t stop leading to paralysis and Guillain- Barre Syndrome (neurological problems). Dr. Glen Smith, a neurologist told that his recovery will take months unless any other health emergency arises and by that time he will be in a long- term acute care unit and under observation.
  • SHERYL ROBERT (65), wife of Mr. Robert worked as a nurse and was diagnosed with health problems like psychiatric symptoms, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. After a week of Mr. Robert’s admission to hospital, she too got admitted after suffering from shortness of breath. During that week, the hospitals around the country blocked the entry of visitors as a precaution for the spread of disease. Thus, daughters could not see and look after their parents. But the elder daughter tried to fill the gap. About a week, Sheryl’s condition got worse amid breathing issues but later got improved and was discharged. Presently, at home, her younger daughter manages her work like giving her shower, giving her medicines on time, maintaining her breathing device as still requires oxygen, and after looking at household chores too.

On Monday, Elaine Robert has a COVID test scheduled which would confirm whether she could resume her work back or not.





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