by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-08-16

Trump said, my younger brother Robert was my best friend. The reason for his death is still unknown but it was unrelated to coronavirus.

Robert S. Trump, a younger brother of President Donald Trump died on Saturday after a terrible but unspecified illness. He was 71. Trump said in a brief statement that, “He was not just my brother, he was my best friend.”

On 14th August, the president first visited hours after he got to know that younger his brother was hospitalized in New York-Presbyterian in Manhattan. He also had been hospitalized in the month of June. 

Did Robert Trump Have COVID-19

Robert’s illness was unrelated to COVID-19. He was on blood thinners and had “brain bleeds.” A family friend of him cited at New York Times said He died “Peacefully.”

Donald Trump’s son Eric called his uncle an “incredible man-strong, kind, and loyal to the core.”

“He will be missed by our entire family,” shared on twitter. 

About Robert Trump

Robert was the youngest child of Fred and Mary Anne Trump and born two years after his brother Donald. In total, they were five siblings including two sisters. His youngest sibling, Fred Jr, died in 1981. 

He had spent most of his life into the family’s real-estate firm, becoming a top executive. And, he was said not to court publicity and lived semi-retired in New York state.

In 1987 Donald wrote the book “The Art Of Deal,” in which he shared that “Robert gets along with almost everyone, which is good for me as sometimes I become the bad guy. 

Donald and Robert were close to each other. They have shown their support to each other several times. In an interview with New York Post ahead of the Presidential election, Robert said: “I support and will support Donald one thousand percent.”

A decade ago, he divorced his first wife Blaine, and in March of this year married Ann Marie Pallan. 

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