AZDHS asked Mountainside Fitness and Life Time Fitness To Shut Down Their Gyms By July 3 Noon

by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-07-03

The Arizona Department of Health Services has given the last opportunity to the gym owners to shut down their gyms by July 3 noon. Else, they will file a civil action against the facilities of the gym. Read on to know the complete details.

AZDHS Gives Mountainside Fitness, Life Time Until Noon On July 3 To Comply

On Thursday, AZDHS gives the final opportunity to Mountain Fitness and Life Time Fitness to shut down their gyms, otherwise they file a civil action against them. Mountainside Fitness located at East Sahuro in Scottsdale, Lifetime fitness at West Ruby drive in Tempe, and Lifetime Fitness at East Camelback Road in Phoenix. They all were received an order to close their gyms from the Arizona Department of Health Services.

AZDHS said a civil file action will be taken against the facilities if the gyms refuse to close by Friday (3 July) noon. The civil action will include seeking temporary restraining orders, preliminary and injunctive relief, and declaratory relief.

According to the previous report, the governor ordered to close all the indoor gyms and fitness clubs until July 27 to stop the spread of COVID-19.

However, many of the gyms refused to close their gyms. While many of the gyms including Mountainside Fitness and Xponential Fitness took a step ahead and filed a case against the state.

In the meantime, the owners and CEO’s of the gyms tried communicating their views.

Tom Hatten, a CEO of Mountain Fitness says, “if you think that it is about the profits, we are seeking to earn then you are wrong. Because it is about our rights as a society to move ahead with the guidelines created to get saved from COVID-19.”

On Tuesday, he had filed an injunction against the governor, Ducey at 4 PM.

Mountain Fitness of Scottsdale and phoenix were cited by police and both citations were for a class 1 misdemeanor could result in a fine of up to $2500.

Two License Of Lifetime Fitness Are Suspended

On the other hand, the Arizona Department of Liquor licenses and control has suspended three licenses of two Life Time Fitness locations. Their licenses were suspended because they remained themselves opened in violation of the Governor’s order.



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