A Famous Result Boxing Fitness Studio Is Expected To Reopen By 1st July With Its New Studio. Coming Back With Advanced Equipment And Strict CDC Safety Protocols

by Chhavi Madaan | 2020-06-28

Jon Gallo, a famous author, celebrity fitness trainer, and owner of Results Boxing-also used a digital platform to keep his clients stay healthy even staying at their homes. But in the meantime, he didn’t forget to strategize new offline fitness programs during the lockdown. Undoubtedly, he is a thought leader in the fitness industry. Now Gallo is ready to use his new offline fitness program is here as New Jersey is carefully reopening.

Gallo said, “Covid-19 has changed the world, the people have seen multiple challenges which they had never seen in their lives. But I didn’t saw this as a challenge or setback; I found an opportunity to reevaluate our priorities and goals for future success. We don’t know what can happen next, we cannot expect. But we as a team always wanted to strengthen our fitness levels in personalizing training to continue the process of giving health and well-being of our precious and valuable clients.”

According to sources and situations of New Jersey, the new Gallo’s fitness studio is expected to be open by July 1st. We cannot deny the benefits of in-person training, but safety is more important for Gallo nowadays. Would you like to know how he is planning to create a safety at his fitness studio even in offline fitness training? He has built his new luxurious fitness studio which has larger space, new equipment like a TRK Truss and Turf Sprint Track, boxing bags, and advanced sanitizing technology. It is located in Brunswick Mall. 

The fitness studio is proactively following the CDC guidelines for Covid-19 safety. They know that members need in-person interactions for their fitness journey. On top of all, a well-ventilated workout environment and cleaning & sanitizing of all equipment are being implemented. The latest technology of UV lighting from smart UV has been implemented. These UV-C sanitation helps to kill the disrupts of DNA of bacteria and viruses, helping killing 99.9% of bacteria in the air.”

The Results Fitness studio is using extra protection by providing fitness Centre’s deep-cleaning regimen. 

Gallo has confirmed the acceptance of membership applications for in-studio and online classes. Also, we have used several weeks to hire and talented instructors. We have also resourced to design effective, fun, and safe programs for our members. Future franchising registrations are also open. 

You can reach via emailing at info@resultsboxing.com or calling on 7323900005. 

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. 

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