6 Health and Wellness Trends for 2020

by FitnessFectory.com | 2020-01-19

Are you ready to dive into the new decade?

The last decade was all about going harder and faster all day and every day. We saw an increase in high-intensity interval training, thanks to new health apps and advances in technology, skin supplement, embracing of restrictive diets like keto and Atkins, an explosion in access to resources before reserved for the rich and renowned.

Like every year, we all make resolutions for healthier living this year and whether we like it or not, many of our resolutions are prejudiced by trends in health and wellness.

Digital detox, technically backed CBD oil, improved mental health, and largely plant-based diets are among the top health and wellness trends for the current year, as per the health experts.

This Year is for Cellular Beauty

This year is for cellular beauty

Till now, skincare only meant topical. Then it leads to comprise of diets and lifestyle. Now the focus is on highly scientific beauty supplements. This is the start to the dawn of cellular beauty, which proves once again that beauty really does come from the inside out.

Recovery-Focused Training

For the last few years, we’ve been focused on training really hard. Recovery is an essential part of training hard. If you train at a high capacity for weeks without any proper rest and recovery, your returns minimize and you’re mounting the risk for injury. The accessories to keep you safe from an injury like compression boots are trending and recovery-focused studios & services like cryotherapy will all become more a part of people’s training regimen.

Plant-Based Diet

Plant-Based Diet

There’s nothing new about the notion of cutting meat from diet and going vegetarian. It will benefit our health and the environment. But with the rise in climate change backing, documentaries and meat alternatives being supplemented to junk food menus and grocery store shelves universally, we can see a gigantic movement toward being more plant-based rather than meat-forward. Now, that’s not equal to being full vegan. It’s more about getting the advantages of eating more plants without having to follow strict diet rules.

Keto Diet Will be Easy to Accept

Keto diet will be easy to accept

The keto market is expected to grow by $1.11 billion over the next four years and yes the fat is here to stay. It is believed that the next level of keto will look a little different, with the addition of tools and tricks that makes it easy to integrate into any lifestyle.

Focus on Mental Health

Focus on mental health

Mental health has gained a lot of traction in the last few months. Life coaches and influencers have focused on healing and self-care and this has taken centre stage today. It even includes digital detox, which means taking time out from mobile phones and getting more sleep. As per research, the more we bring self-care in our daily habits, the more positive, artistic, and productive we become.

A focus on improved mental health has attracted a lot of people lately and helped people to heal from anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Today, the toll has risen to an alarming rate and made people felt overwhelmed and incapable to cope. Screen time has been linked to depression in adult women, and it is essential for people to leave the gadget out of their bedroom.

Slowing for Hormonal Health

Slowing for Hormonal Health

Stress is influencing everyone worldwide and people pay for it with their health. Cortisol is the main hormone and related to stress. This is our ‘fight or flight’ response and a lot of everyday activities like lagging ourselves to a rigorous workout cause it to spike. We need Cortisol, but most of us are operating with too much at all times due to the current lifestyle factors. Prioritize things like recovery training, meditation & mindfulness, and mental health days will all continue to rise.

Bottom Line…

This year will be great for health and wellness trends. Choose methods that you like and are safe if you are looking forward to being healthy this year. Be it going for weight loss supplements or protein supplements make sure you follow the precautions that don’t hamper with your health. A healthy body and mind are important which will lead to a healthy life.

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