4 Harmful Effects Of Addiction On Your Health And Your Loved Ones

by Fitness Fectory | 2017-10-11

easy way to quit smokingAre you addicted to a bad habit?

Do you wish to know the best way to quit smoking?

Is addiction injurious to the health of your family?

Addiction is the uncontrollable and unbearable desire towards a thing. People get addicted to various bad habits like smoking, alcohol, drugs and various types of poisonous stuff. There are some sensible ones who try to quit those bad habits, while some proudly flaunt it.

One of the major addictions that people have is smoking. They have several reasons to start smoking like tension, stress, peer pressure or simply desire to experience it, while only two to not stop it, which is either they are unable to or they don’t want to. The ones which are unable to are the ones which are severely addicted to the habit and now, their blood needs the tobacco to function happily.

Know Why To Stop Smoking

The following are some of the harmful effects of addiction, especially smoking:

  1. Stress and tension

Even though some claim to start smoking because they are stressed or in grave tension, it is scientifically proven that smoking increases both stress and tension in the long run because of the body, especially the blood, becomes habitual of the tobacco content and requires it regularly. If it does not get the appropriate amount, it increases the stress in the body of the addict and leads to further damage or increase in the number of cigarettes later on.

  1. Increase in expenditure

Addiction always increases the expenditure of the individual because now he has to spend an extra amount on his poison regularly, even when he wishes to cut his expenses. Addiction simply means that he cannot even stop it until he strongly desires to. The money spent on cigarettes could have been used as productive investments to increase its value in the future. Now it is simply wasted.

  1. Irritation and outbursts

If the body does not get the desired amount of tobacco, it leads to irritation and anger outbursts on others. Addicts don’t even want a valid reason for the outburst, because their mind starts to get irritated due to the lack of tobacco in the blood and results in anger outbursts on others, often family members or employees. It also degrades the health of the body of the addict.

  1. Injurious to family members

If you don’t care about your health, then you should surely care about the health of your family members because smoking does not only harm your body (active smoker), but also the body of your family members (passive smokers). The smoke is also inhaled by then and it degrades the health of their bodies as well, often leading to severe diseases like asthma or cancer.

Know How To Quit Smoking

There is no easy way to quit smoking; rather natural ways are the best. You need to have a strong willpower and proper accelerators like EasyQuit and others, to force out the desire to smoke from your body and cleanse your blood to enhance your lifestyle.

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